Meeting  in order to get to know each other, to bounce ideas

Being on-time means signaling you want to be perceived as reliable. If you can’t participate to an event you have booked, please let the organizers know. That’s basic courtesy, places might be limited.

    You can’t achieve everything with your own individual strength, Individualism is good, when it is not excessive and indes the creation of your own larger dreams.

Let’s all give each other the opportunity to meet new acquaintances, and know which skills sets are available around us.

A project which is successful and creates value always starts with a good team, and is founded in personal ties of reciprocal trust.

Sometimes these seminal teams are born in universities, but they need to exist elsewhere, in order to make radical innovation possible, e.g. internationally, with FWLAB® .

Zero on Gurus.

Stop with selfreferentiality and “gurus”. Stop with conventions organized by wizards of monodirectional one to many communication. Stop with one person talking and you only listening. We believe in a closer, more personal approach, where your contribution is valued.



Participation and exchange

We facilitate events in which everyvbody can contribute, with strict enforcement of democratic rules, e.g.: limiting time available for each individual speakers.  

We don’t want to create show business, we want to build and help other people build, practically and with a down to earth approach. We want you to participate, actively, not just applaude some “recognized expert”.

Groups - Associates interested in specific subjects create Groups of Interest. People with varied skills and competences are required in order to form a good creative group. The association facilitates the creation of groups where its members choose each other freely and in reciprocity.

FWLAB® AC Organization - Cultural Association

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