FWLAB promotes opportunities to meet and network with other creative professionals, developers, entrepreneurs, technologists. We aim to be a catalyzer, not an “incubator” for new opportunities and startup ventures. Don’t be a loner.

Have an idea? Join us, mingle with other associates, you will find other ideas, experience, dialogue.

Contrary to popular sayings, those in the know do teach.

We organize courses, with theoretical bases, but founded in practical applicability, which allow to enter in specific technologies or to deepen knowledge and and acquire new competencies and skills.

Are you a digital creative professional? Do you have a lifetime of design? Do you know some technologies very deeply?  Please join the association and let us know if you are available and able to organize courses.

We respect and value your skill and talent.

Culture is Fun!

For those who want to play games, and for those who want to explore game design as well

A game is a serious matter: Games spread ideas and may change the world

Stop to boring, self serving, pseudoculture. Culture must be open, inclusive, fun and might lead to practical skills even when it’s well founded in theory.

FWLAB® AC Organization - Cultural Association

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