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Learn, create, have fun.

FWLAB aims at creating new opportunities and innovation while having fun together: prototypes, new projects, design, new startups.

If you alread have a  definite project, ask us to create it, if you have an idea, join FWLAB association and ask other associates to join forces with you and help you with your endeavours.

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Creating WITH Culture

Rights and Dignity are good for All society

Rules, Respect, Dignity

We learn new skills constantly, in order to keep up to date and in order to become better world citizens, in order to learn to create better artifacts, and do our little to advance humanity.

AutHorS, Creators

 Even without being geniouses, we think that creative types are a bit different, and value that difference, which allows us to be Authors, create things, works and concepts. We advocate author rights on their creation and as a role in society.

Creative? Software designer? We believe in respecting, and extending skills and perspectives.

Want to expand your horizons? We are the first not believe in easy recipes, nonetheless there is strength in numbers, joining forces with others like you is better than staying isolated, alone. Help others and you will be helped. Don’t wait for fortune to come knocking at your door. Join us, make it easier to find partners and competencies for making your ideas come true.

We are entrepreneurs of ourselves, always. We think that competing on price alone and a policy based on low wages and exploitation is unsubstainable, as it leads to slavery and is unacceptable. We aim for strong recognition of the value of creative contribution and work dignity for all.

We are democratic to the bone, and have equal rights for all our associates. We want to make the world a better place by starting with cultural values, we aim to facilitate human development and allow people to reach their full potential, without getting bored to death during the process.

FWLAB statutory purpose

The association aims at basing study and work activities on enabling personal development, promoting and facilitate the diffusion of culture, creativity, innovation and technology, respecting the will of authors and copyright; be their intent placing their work as open source or proprietary.  In order to achieve this aim, the organization performs the following institutional activities: cultural events, facilitates the creation of specific interest groups, promotes technology, promotes and creates courses, studies tecnologies which can be employed creatively, facilitates start-up and organizes creative activities, even gaming based ones, creates new artifacts and projects, lobbies in favour of culture in the digital, creative and work domains.

FWLAB® AC Organization - Cultural Association

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